• Where can I find really good broadcloth boxers? Ralph Lauren used to make them, but switched to a thin, unstructured boxer short.

    - Dave

  • If you're looking for classic cotton broadcloth boxer shorts, Brooks Brothers sells some really well-made pairs (available in both traditional or slim fits). O'Connell's also makes great old school vintage-inspired broadcloth boxers, and we've heard good things about the 3-pack sold by Lands' End as well if you're looking to save some money.



  • What is the best way to store pocket squares?

    - Justin

  • It would depend on how many you have to store. If you've only got a few, you could likely get away with simply folding them into quarters and tucking the stack into the corner of a drawer. But if you've got a hefty collection, do what one dapper (and organized) gent we know does. He uses a CD storage box to "file" the silk handkerchiefs. Each one is folded over a CD sleeve and it makes searching for the right one quick and easy.



  • How do I keep jeans from fading in the washer? Are dye pouches a good idea for faded jeans?

    - Jose

  • You definitely don't want to dye your jeans. Due to the indigo your denim was originally dyed with, the jeans would just never look quite right. But you can be cautious when washing your jeans to make sure they won't fade. Turn them inside out and wash them by themselves (or with other jeans) in cold water. Add a cup of white vinegar to your cold water rinse and the vinegar will help seal the dye within the fabric so they won't bleed.





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