• My mom had a custom leather jacket made for me overseas, but it's a bit loose in several areas. Can you recommend a good shop that could tailor the jacket?

    - Ali

  • Take your jacket to Stephen the Tailor (825 21st St NW; Washington, DC 20006; 202.789.4276) near the Georgetown/Foggy Bottom area. They do great work with leather, have a reputation for fair prices and are pretty fast when it comes to turnaround as well.


Chevy Chase

  • My husband needs an attractive carry-on suit bag (with wheels preferred). Any suggestions?

    - Karen

  • The Samsonite Silhouette Sphere is a really well-reviewed bag that stands upright when open to provide easy access and quick, on-hanger packing. Currently on sale, the best price we found was $280 at Bed, Bath & Beyond. Then there's the TravelPro Crew roller, a slim and smooth-rolling suit carrier that cleverly packs a lot more than the average garment bag. It too, is on sale, for $247 at eBags. Or there's the more discreetly styled, but incredibly durable Intensity bag from Hartmann. Made from 100% ballistic nylon, the water-repellant bag can take a beating and comes equipped with a global recovery system, should it ever get lost. Amazon has the best price at $357. All three come with free shipping.



  • My new shoes are very tight. How can I stretch them out?

    - Mike

  • There are products you can buy from shoe stores, but honestly, they're basically just diluted alcohol. You can make it at home by filling a spray bottle with equal parts rubbing alcohol and water. Spray an ample amount on the inside and outside of the shoe. Make sure to get every seam and around the sole of the shoe, where it's most reinforced. Then insert some wooden shoe trees and let the shoe sit undisturbed overnight. If you'd rather let a professional handle it, take them to Town Center Shoe Repair (400 Ernest W Barrett Pkwy NW, Suit 222; Kennesaw, GA 30144; 770.426.1368).





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