• Are there any "under the radar" places in London to shop for men's clothing that I should make a point of visiting?

    - Scott

  • Here are few of our must-see (but lesser-known) shops on our London list. Safe travels!

    • Beyond Retro: Secondhand jackets, military regalia, old school hats and antique bags.
    • Anthem: A beautifully merchandised store stocking everyone from directional fashion labels to more classic brands.
    • Labour and Wait: A small, handsome shop stocked with well-designed and utilitarian accessories and home goods.
    • Levisons on Cheshire Street: Another vintage shop focused on quality, traditional English mens tailoring, military, workwear and knitwear.


  • I want to grow a beard, but I can't get past the scratchiness that comes with a week's worth of scruff.

    - Derek

  • Getting through the first weeks of follicle formation can be particularly rough, but you've just got to power through it. Thankfully, regularly using beard cleansing and conditioning solutions like Bluebeards Beard Wash and Saver will hydrate your skin and soften the stubble. This will hopefully make the transition much more comfortable and with any luck, itch-free.

District of Columbia


  • Is there a men's hair product that will provide style, but not leave hair looking wet or sticky?

    - Dave

  • A great product that gives you some hold without leaving hair sticky or slicked back is called Dirt by Jonathan Product. ($14 at Target) What's more, the water-based texturizing paste is full of natural ingredients like almond oil and white tea. Which means it not only provides texture and control, it's actually good for your hair too.





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