• If you're not wearing a jacket, do you always wear a belt with dress pants?

    - Paul

  • Good question. The short answer is yes. If you're wearing dress pants, they have belt loops and when you tuck in your shirt and have empty belt loops, they can look kind of sad. But then again, some of the slimmer pants have fewer belt loops and old school details like a tab-waist. It's more of an advanced sartorial move, but those can go belt-less and look pretty slick.



  • Are there any "under the radar" places or shops you would recommend in Paris, France?

    - Philip

  • Here are few of our must-see shops on our Paris list.

    • Ami: A favorite of fashion folk, this designer brand makes simple, handsome and well-made clothes, and the shop itself is beautifully appointed.
    • French Trotters: Inspired by lasting quality and world travel, they feature French classics along with exclusive collaborations with international brands.
    • Ballibaris: A small, but handsome store offering up some of the best European labels alongside accessories, home objects and books.
    • Bric-à-brac Emmaüs: A well-organized vintage shop in the heart of the 104 cultural centre—a place where you can mix with hip-hop dancers and other bargain hunters.
    • LeGrand Filles et Fils: According to our friend Michael Williams, this is the best place to buy (and drink) wine in Paris.




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