• I'm a college student and heard that some stores offer student discounts. How do I know where to shop to get these sweet deals?

    - Jason

  • You're right. Some of our favorite retailers know that students are often pinching pennies and need a break so they offer a discount—all you've got to do is flash that college ID. Both J.Crew and Banana Republic offer 15% off in store on all full-price item. Club Monaco offers a whopping 20% off full-price and sale merchandise, even online with your .edu email address. Topman will give you 10% off in stores and online. And it's not really a "student" discount, but there's a standing 10% discount code at ShoeBuy (hint: it's SHOEBUY).



  • With Movember coming up, do you have any tips on keeping my new mustache presentable?

    - Gerson

  • Ask your barber what style might work with your hair texture and face shape. And then keep it combed, clean and trimmed. You don't want a soup strainer. The hair shouldn't grow over your lip. For a cleaner look, The Art of Shaving's master barber Carl Cwiok has suggested shaving a quarter inch off of the area below the nose.


Los Angeles

  • What's a not-too-stiff drink I can order when I'm out at a bar with friends?

    - Jasen

  • If you want a foolproof cocktail that's simple to order and easy to drink, try a gin and tonic. It's got a twist of lime, with a touch of piney zing from the gin and a slightly sweet finish thanks to the tonic. A negroni is a good choice too, and the slight citrusy bitterness will make sure you don't drink it too fast. Ordering a whiskey smash can be a bit more complicated when ordering out, but it's a tasty choice as well.





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