• I was wondering who made the plaid jacket worn by this actor at The Hunger Games premiere—it's exactly what I'm looking for.

    - Drew

  • That actor is British-born Sam Clafin, and he's wearing an equally-British brand: Alexander McQueen. The Prince of Wales double-breasted jacket is from the line's fall collection and is currently available through their e-commerce site. But a warning: It's not cheap.

  • Can I leave the tails of my button-down shirt hanging out under my sweater?

    - Anonymous

  • Unlike whether to wear your collar points tucked into the collar or worn out (keep those puppies tucked), we'd say the tail is a matter of taste. There's no hard and fast rules about it. Like most things when it comes to style, it's about context and confidence. If you're in a casual setting (and your shirt tails aren't too long), an untucked shirt can look relaxed and cool. But know if the shirt's fabric is bunching up or simply too long, you run the risk of looking sloppy.


Los Angeles

  • I'm looking for a gym bag that can carry a laptop and also be a bag I can bring to the office as a work bag. I guess I'm looking for a hybrid. Any recommendations?

    - Asher

  • We'd suggest checking out Jack Spade. They've mastered the hybrid bag that lies somewhere between dressy and casual, refined and rugged. Three options we've pulled for you: the slimmer dipped Canvas Carpenter, the larger Tech Oxford duffle and the coated Canvas Carryall.





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