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  • We all know to leave the bottom button of our suit jackets and blazers undone. How about overcoats? Does the same rule apply to something like a three button, knee-length wool winter coat?

    - Tony

  • Good question. Unlike with that last suit or waistcoat buttons, you should feel free to button up your coat using all available buttons. For one thing, a lot of the plackets on overcoats are covered with a layer of fabric and even if they're not, you want to make sure you're keeping out the cold the best way possible. And that's limiting your exposure to the elements.



  • I'm in need of a fashionable and functional beanie for the winter. Any suggestions?

    - Kurt

  • If you want a traditional, lightweight and warm beanie, J.Crew's wool watch cap ($35) should do the trick. If you want something a bit more casual, this cashmere cap ($30) from Nordstrom fits a bit looser, but should still offer protection from those winds whipping off the lake. And if you're thinking you'd like something more chunky and substantial, this cable knit style ($32) from the ASOS "Crafted In" collection would do the trick. It's made from hearty British wool, and well, they know a thing or two about staying dry and warm.



  • I'm about to be a new dad and I want to get my own diaper bag. I need one that I won't feel emasculated carrying, but also functions as an actual diaper bag because apparently there's a lot of shit I'm going to have to pack.

    - Sean

  • Well, congrats sir. And we hear you. There's no reason why you can't be a great dad and have a bag that suits your tastes as well. But the choices for simple, masculine bags are few and far between. We know some guys just pack up a large Filson tote ($285) and call it a day, but you're right—the best diaper bags are ones that keep your infant's essentials organized. This discreet bag by Austrailia's Oioi ($165) is made from waxed canvas and finished with antique silver hardware, not unlike a lot of men's carryalls. But inside, there's a microfiber changing pad, insulated bottle holder, pacifier clip, a plastic wipes case and even a spot to securely stash your laptop or iPad. Plus, the bag easily opens with one hand thanks to the magnetic front tab closure.





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