New York

  • Where in New York can I find a nice leather band for my watch? Something quality but decently priced.

    - Hank

  • Try Central Watch, a family business now in its third generation, which has been repairing timepieces and selling bands at fair prices for six decades from their shop in Manhattan's Grand Central Station. And while the place may be small, their inventory of watch straps is huge—rubber, ribbon and all sorts of leather—they've got it. They sell online too, but only a portion of their stock is available on the site, so if you don't see what you need online, just ask when you get there.

  • How should I layer in a warmer climate such as Florida?

    - Anonymous

  • The key to layering is really contrast, so make sure to mix your fabrics, textures and colors. Begin with a light undershirt, add a top shirt and then build up. You could add a second top shirt in a more durable fabric like denim or flannel. You could pull on a lightweight sweatshirt or a breathable sweater (knit from cotton, linen or fine gauge wool). If you don't require serious outerwear, consider a thinner quilted vest. Then roll up your sleeves and pop a collar when applicable to showcase the various colors and textures. Use the inner layers to inject a little color. A yellow or pink undershirt or bright blue henley is an easy way to brighten up a dark winter wardrobe.


Des Moines

  • Does anyone make a quality men's dresser valet that isn't made of faux leather and wood veneer?

    - Drew

  • We're all for keeping your stuff organized and you're right, there are a lot of tacky options on the market. Thankfully, there are some simpler and sturdier options to choose from as well. If you'd like wood, Mele & Co. ($55) sells wooden versions with multiple dividers and a small drawer. If you're looking for more of a leather option, Pottery Barn ($79) has a decent one for the holidays and this one by Bey-Berk (on sale for $90) looks even better in person. Or if metal sounds appealing, check out this handsome silver-plated brass box from Ralph Lauren (on sale for $276) that you can personalize with an engraved monogram.





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