• Do you know of any places for a smaller guy to get a decent pea coat? I've been looking for ages, and have never been able to find something that fits properly.

    - Danny

  • One of the best options for a slim-fitting pea coat is this wool blend version from Topman ($170). It's got a clean, classic style and a trim silhouette ideal for slimmer guys with a leaner body and arms that are more narrow than your standard coat.


San Francisco

  • What kind of headphones would you recommend for someone who works out pretty hard and wants to wear them while he bikes around the city? (Must work with my iPhone)

    - Kyle

  • Check out Sennheiser's PMX 685i model ($45). The sports headset is not only lightweight, but they rest comfortably in your ears and won't fall out while you're lifting, running on the treadmill or jumping rope. And a unique moisture protection system allows you to rinse the headset under the tap to remove grime and perspiration. What's more, the wraparound neckband sits unobtrusively below your biking helmet. High-output drivers deliver a powerful stereo sound while the in-ear design provides great situational awareness so that you're conscious of the traffic noise when you pedal your way through busy streets.



  • I'm looking for somewhere to take my duffle coat to get relined in Dallas. Where do you suggest?

    - Michael

  • Take it to J's Tailor & Cleaners in the Oak Lawn area of town. A family-run business that's been serving Dallas for more than two decades, they specialize in alterations, repairs and custom tailoring, so they know how to expertly reline a coat. And be sure to mention that you're a new customer—they offer a 30% off discount to first-timers.





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