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Any suggestions for reasonably priced made to measure shirts?

How do I pull off a turned up collar? Is it retro and cool, or pretentious and lame?

What should I wear to the gym and/or yoga? The most casual clothes I own are brogues, jeans and oxford shirts.

Why is the last buttonhole on a shirt's placket sewn horizontally?

What's the point of the little 'V' stitched at the collar of a sweatshirt?

What's the best way to roll up my shirt sleeves for casual button up shirts?

I own a lot of oxford shirts and some of them get a ring around the collar. What can I do to remove, and prevent, a stain?

Is monogramming something I need to be doing? I like the idea, but I'm not really sure how to go about it.

My husband's on this eco-kick. What can I get him for a Father's Day gift?