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What's the deal with the little notch in my dress shoe's heel?

How can I make my shoes fit more comfortably?

What should I wear to the gym and/or yoga? The most casual clothes I own are brogues, jeans and oxford shirts.

What can I do to make my L.L. Bean duck boots not look like it has snowed every day?

Brogues, short wings, long wings ... what's what?

I've been going sockless for a while now, but my shoes have started to smell. Solutions?

Who makes a reasonably priced American-made leather oxford?

Who makes affordable, casual sneakers that aren't too techy?

I've been wearing Wallabees, but the sole gets worn. Does Clarks have a sole replacement program?

I can never find nice sneakers that come in wide sizes.

I hate shorts because my legs are short and muscular. What styles should a "shortsophobe" look for?

My husband's on this eco-kick. What can I get him for a Father's Day gift?

My feet always get incredibly hot come summer. Can you recommend shoes for work?

Are tasseled loafers too old for say, a 29-year-old guy who actually likes wearing suits in the spring?

I just bought my first nice pair of lace-ups. How should I be caring for them?

I want to get a pair of wing tips I can wear often, but I can't seem to find any decent pair for less than $300.