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  • This may sound like an elementary question, but I've been trying to find a foolproof way of having two-day scruff without dealing with that grey area in between shaves. Any advice?

    - Joseph, Toronto, ON

  • Ah yes, the two-day scruff. It's become something of a modern classic—at once masculine and youthfully carefree—conveying that you're a man who doesn't bother with conventions. But in reality, most guys with a shadow perpetually paused at 5 o'clock, have spent more time pruning that scruff than if they were just to simply shave. But you just want to know how to maintain it, so here's your best bet: a beard trimmer set to your desired length. Here are three we'd recommend.



With its light weight and wet/dry capabilities, this is perfect for mowing in the shower.

Philips Norelco Vacuum Trimmer

The razor's vacuum ensures your significant other won't bust your balls for hair left in the sink.


Wahl Lithium Ionicon

This trimmer requires changing guards for different lengths, but gets seven shaves off one hour-long charge.



Those pulling off the look: Bradley Cooper, Hugh Jackman, Justin Timberlake

Those not: Spencer Pratt

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