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  • I recently stayed at a hotel in the UK that had a mirror in the shower for shaving. Though it fogged up a bit, I'd love to get one. Do you know of a good one to use?

    - Stuart, Lincolnwood, IL

  • The problem with most fog-free mirrors is that the coating on the surface makes you feel as though you're shaving in one of those distorted fun-house mirrors. That's why we recommend this one by Ace, the same company that made your grandad's pocket comb (they relaunched a more modern line in '07). Instead of chemicals or coatings, it relies on the delicate balance of physics to combat steam. A reservoir, behind the mirror, fills with warm water that equalizes the air temperature, thus eliminating fog.

    $15, at


How It Works

Detach from sturdy suction cup base.

Fill with warm water, heating the mirror's surface.

Water drains out after shower.

Razor holder is just handy.



Ace invented the hard rubber comb in 1851.

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