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  • I've been seeing a lot of jackets and sweaters with elbow patches lately. I like the look of them, but don't want to look too stuffy. What do you think?

    - Ben, Denver

  • We understand the aversion to looking like a pipe-smoking fogey in your elbow-patched tweed blazer. But we're also noticing the moment the little leather patches seem to be having right now. And if Cary Grant and Hemingway could pull of the well-worn gentleman's look, then damnit, so can you. Modern versions by such retro-inspired labels as Rugby and Hickey have caught our eye, but none seem to be as cool as Engineered Garments' unstructured, wool sportcoat.


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Bedford jacket
at Odin, New York

Shetland crewneck
at Rugby

Lambswool sweater
at Hickey

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