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  • I really want my boyfriend to get a sweater vest, but he thinks they'd make him look nerdy. I think they're hot, what do you guys think?

    - Melissa, Boston

  • Well, we're on your side. As the seasons change, a sweater vest is any easy way of adding a layer for warmth (and style) while still keeping relatively cool on those sunny autumn days. They look great with a rumpled oxford on the weekend, under a blazer at the office or even with a slim polo on the golf course. Of course, he's not entirely wrong in his assumption—there is a slight poindexter feel, but what's wrong with that? It's called geek chic for a reason.

    Merino cable knit, $119 at Ralph Lauren


Get This Look

Lambswool Fair Isle
at J.Crew

Cotton stripe
$20 (on sale)
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Wool waistcoat
by Opening Cermony, N.Y./L.A.



Who you callin' nerdy? See Doug, Archie and Seth Cohen.

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