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  • I own two three-button suits, one black and one tan, which I have worn to several weddings this year. I'd like to purchase an affordable suit for my son's christening at the end of September and was wondering if a two button blue or grey would be appropriate for the occasion.

    - Jason, Toronto

  • A black suit and a tan suit, eh? Those are great additions to have, but the two staples of a man's sartorial arsenal are exactly what you're looking for. We'd suggest starting with a classic two-button suit in a medium charcoal shade. It's obviously dressy, but has a casual ease—especially when paired with a knit tie and some suede shoes. With a narrow notch lapel and snug shoulders, this year-round wool suit is slimming without being a 'skinny suit.'

    Jacket, $350, pants, $165, shirt, $70, knit tie, $50, all available at J.Crew.


The Challenge

Make a $500 suit look like it cost you $5,000:


Talk to your tailor. Have him nip the waist, take in the sleeves and convert non-working buttons into functional ones.


Finish the look. Add a simple, pressed white pocket square. $25 for seven, at Brooks Brothers.


Walk tall. You're in a suit, damn it.

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