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  • My feet always get incredibly hot come summer. On the weekends I'm in flip-flops or Converse without socks. But I need something for work.

    - Enrique, Phoenix, AZ

  • We hope you're not asking for office-appropriate mandals. Then again, the average June high in Phoenix is 104, so who are we to judge? Look for a pair by Geox. The company suffers from a combination of bad marketing and a confusing product, but they're worth a look. In short, these lightweight shoes have a comfortable, breathable rubber sole that (though patented technology) allows air to escape while blocking out water and debris. They've recently stepped up their design game and have a few suitable options, including this low-profile penny loafer. Or you could go for the Generic Man's classic oxford lace-ups, cut in an espresso canvas. Both, you'll be happy to hear, should be sported sockless.


$170, at Zappos



250k: The number of sweat glands on each foot.

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