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  • It seems hats are back in a big way. What are some stylish options for me to wear to the office and out at night?

    - Matt, Long Beach, CA

  • Indeed they are; and they topped a lot of looks in the fall collections. Here are some options in a range of price points.


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The Porkpie
This is the rebel's headgear of choice—seen on everyone from jazz legends to Pete Doherty. A midnight blue version is less severe than black. $102, by Victor Osborne

The Fedora
A classic. Look for an updated, trimmer version like this. Wear it with suits like Sinatra or with jeans and a T-shirt like Justin Timberlake. $250, by Still Life

The Trilby
A slimmer version of the fedora with a narrow, upturned brim. Traditionally made of felt, a straw version would be ideal for summer weddings. $38, by Christys' Crown

The Boater
Originally rocked by barbershop quartets, the boater seems to be making a comeback this spring on downtown art types like Nate Lowman. $390, by Rod Keenan

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