Ask Valet.How to: Pull Off White Jeans
  • I've seen some sharp looking guys in white jeans on the Sartorialist. Can a mere mortal pull these off? And if so, how?

    - Jeremy, Des Moines, IA

  • White denim offers a crisp alternative to your basic blues and since they're still just a pair of jeans, it's an easy way to lighten your look come spring. Not that you need to put them away come Labor Day. "I wear white jeans year round, though I do try to avoid the rainy days," says designer Victor Glemaud, who showed his collection of summer-weight cashmere paired with white Levi's 501s. "I wanted to make the knits pop with a casual Euro feeling, so I thought white would look really fresh." Sport them with black T-shirt and some Chucks on the weekend, or a gingham shirt and silk knit tie on a date. Glemaud suggests tailoring them right to the ankle (the bright white will only make your skin look tanner), or cutting them off above the knee for a simple pair of shorts.

    Victor Glemaud cashmere scarf, $200 and double layer cardigan, $570, both at Odin; jeans, $60, at Levi's



In 1967, Jefferson Airplane did a trippy radio spot (audio) for white Levi's.

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