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  • I'm transferring to a more stylish college, and I'm looking for a bag that I'll use mostly for class, but also for an internship. It should be quality, but not too business-y. Something that would work with a pair of jeans and corduroy blazer or a peacoat.

    - Mike, Philadelphia, PA

  • Did you pick the university based on its students' attire? Is there a rating system for that? In any case, we like your thinking. And you've got a few options depending on how many books you'll be schlepping around and how much room you need. The camo tote from Bean has become a modern classic, but if you've got a lot of cross-campus commutes with a laptop in tow, you may want something you can sling over the shoulder. And in the world of tote vs. backpack, Fjallraven's Swedish take on a classic bookbag is best considered undeclared.


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Canvas computer bag
by Filson

Hunter's tote
from $25
at L.L. Bean

Fjallraven backpack
at Opening Ceremony and Context

Alfie day bag
by Property Of

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