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The word "selvage" comes from the phrase "self edge," the natural edge of a roll of fabric.

  • I seem to be the last guy to wake up and realize my jeans aren't cutting it. What's the deal with selvedge denim and can I get a pair for under a hundred bucks?

    - Connor, Morrisville, NC

  • It's never too late sir and we assure you, you're hardly the last guy. After all, Obama hasn't upgraded yet. But considering how much time we all spend in jeans, having a quality pair that makes you look cool, current and comfortable should definitely be a priority. Selvedge denim fabric is woven on an old school shuttle loom, which forms a clean, natural edge. It's those white out-seams (often seen on cuffed jeans) that surreptitiously signal that you know what you're doing style-wise. Of course, selvedge jeans require more work, which in turn makes a higher quality product that comes with a higher price tag. This was something that caught the attention of Gap's new designer, Patrick Robinson, who relaunched the brand's 1969 line of denim with a few styles cut from Japanese selvedge denim. This pair even has a slight worn fade to it—giving the illusion that you've painstakingly broken them in yourself.

    $88, at Gap

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