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  • I'm sort of tired of the standard lace-ups I've been wearing all winter and I'm thinking about a pair of tasseled loafers. Are those too old for say, a 29-year-old guy who actually likes wearing suits in the spring?

    - Will, Vancouver, BC

  • The great thing about fashion right now (or menswear in general) is that everything old is new again. I'm wearing my grandad's tie-clips and carrying the Samsonite briefcase my father bought in 1969. The penny loafer's been reinvigorated, so why not embrace the tassel? Allen Edmonds, perhaps sensing the comeback, just rereleased their Manchester model—a sort of wing tip loafer hybrid. And many of the new varieties, with a more modern shape, have a certain rakish charm. I say let your trad flag fly.



Keep your shoes (and feet) in good condition with low-profile loafer socks. Banana Republic makes great ones, but they sell out quickly.

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