Ask Valet.Does this Suit Me?
  • I'm getting married this summer and I don't want to wear a tux, so I'm looking for a new suit. I've been into grey check suits, maybe a three-piece with a bowtie. But is that a summer-appropriate suit?

    - Damien, Brooklyn, NY

  • When it comes to weddings, it's probably best for the groom to be as simple as possible. A glen plaid may be a bit bold for her big day. That being said, you should look and feel good too. If the ceremony is an outdoor affair, a khaki suit is literally the coolest thing a guy can wear when dressing up in warm weather. This cotton three-piece by John Varvatos has slim peak lapels for a crisp, more formal look. And unlike her dress, you'll be able to wear it all summer long—either as a suit or sporting the elements seperately.


Still Want Some Plaid?

Go for a madras bow tie ($50 at J.Press) or a gingham pocket square ($15 at Brooks Brothers).

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