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  • I'm graduating from University soon, and want a grown up watch. I love the Cartier tank and the Hermes Cape Cod, but those are too pricey. Are there any quality (yet affordable) watches you'd recommend?

    - Cassian, Montreal, Quebec


    In terms of the classic, old school styling you're looking for and the quality and craftsmanship to back it up, this tank style watch by Citizen is your best bet. Part of their popular Eco-Drive line, the well-made watch will never need a battery because it's charged from sunlight (running up to 178 days on a full-charge). Not to mention the slim profile, croc-embossed band and gold case will look good whether you're on a job interview or meeting your buddies for drinks.

    $150, by Citizen



The first Eco-Drive watches debuted in 1995.

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