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  • My footwear consists of boots, a pair of wing tips, some Top-Siders and a ratty pair of New Balances I wear to the gym. I need some affordable, casual sneakers that aren't too techy-looking. And I'm too old for Vans.

    - Kyle, Memphis, TN

  • I don't care how old you are, you're never too old for Vans. Well, alright, perhaps one can be too old, but if you're using the internet than you sir are not at the cut-off yet. That being said, when it comes to casual kicks, we favor the classic sneakers actually developed by and named after the athletes of their time—Stan Smith, Jack Purcell, Rod Laver and of course, Chuck Taylor. After all, they're icons for a reason.


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Adidas Stan Smith
$56 (Est. 1972)

Jack Purcell CP
$55 (Est. 1935)


Adidas Rod Laver
$65 (Est. 1970)

Converse Chuck Taylor
$45 (Est. 1918)



Before being acquired by Converse, Jack Purcell sneakers were made by B.F. Goodrich.

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