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  • I'm in search of an American-made black leather lace-up for interviews, weddings and maybe even the opera. I want something simple (and not too expensive) that is made to last.

    - Ben, New York, NY

  • How about Allen Edmonds? American-made in the great state of Wisconsin since 1922, they've made their name synonymous with the classic, sturdy footwear that's ideal for such occasions. And thanks to their Recrafting service, the shoes can be refurbished whenever they get worn down. AE's Park Avenue style, a cap-toe balmoral oxford with an oak leather sole—and one of their most popular lace-ups—is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. The shoe's handsome enough to pull your look together, but not flashy enough to distract from it. To mark the occasion, the company is throwing in a custom pair of cedar shoe trees gratis with each order, while supplies last. So you'd better hurry.

How to

Shine your own shoes. A Manhattan shoeshiner on the best way to polish up your kicks.

$325 by
Allen Edmonds

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