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  • No matter how much I wash my gym clothes, they still smell like a rank hamper. I'm starting to get a little self-conscious at the gym. What can I do?

    - Davis, Colorado Springs, CO

  • The great thing about all those modern, sweat-wicking fabrics used in athletic apparel is that it keeps you comfortable and dry while working out. Unfortunately, those technological advances don't really work with your washing machine. We recommend adding Win High Performance detergent to your next load of laundry. The color-safe peroxide formula is the first detergent engineered to fight the funk caused by that deadly mixture of dirt, sweat and bacteria—the kind of grime that your regular soap leaves behind. The oxygenated formula leaves clothes smelling clean, not flowery or overly soapy. And if you need more proof that the stuff works, it's been standard issue to the US Olympic team at the last three games.

    $8 at



Athletes at the Olympic Village are responsible for doing their own laundry.

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