Ask Valet.Starting Tie Lineup
  • How many ties, and what style, should I have for a beginner collection?

    - Justin, Milton Keynes, UK

  • Every man should have at least five neckties—enough to get you through the average work week. And ideally, those ties would be slender (not skinny) and in a variety of fabrications to suit a number of sartorial situations. Here are some suggestions for your starting tie lineup.



Mostly knit from silk (and wool in the winter), it's perfect for dressing up your jeans and button-down while still looking relaxed and cool.

Brooks Brothers, $75 (pictured); Lands' End, $49.50; Banana Republic Heritage, $59


A lightweight option for when you're rocking a khaki suit or rolled-up sleeves in the summer.

Steven Alan, $60 (pictured); The Hill-Side, $76; J.Crew, $49.50

Repp Stripe

An old school favorite that's been increasing in popularity with the return of Trad style. Wear them in a range of colors year-round.

The Windmill Club, $58 (pictured); Band of Outsiders, $135; The Tie Bar, $15


Preppy, academic and just conventional enough to be ironically stylish.

Brooks Brothers, $75 (pictured); Blackbird, $68; The Tie Bar, $15

Dark & Narrow

Look at any old photo of a well dressed man and it's almost always the same: light shirt, dark slim tie. Eternally classic.

Hugo, $95 (pictured); Gap, $25; Rag & Bone, $105

Bow Tie

A bow tie should compliment and, at times, contrast your look. (Example: Wear a retro-style plaid bow with a denim jacket and some chinos.)

Pierrepont Hicks, $62 (pictured); J.Press, $52.50, Urban Outfitters, $20



We asked Andy Tarshis of New York's Tiecrafters, a one-stop shop that's been tailoring, cleaning and restoring neckwear for 50 years, for the best way to care for your ties. Here's what he had to say.

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