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  • I'd like to start bringing my lunch to work, but I need something to carry and keep it in. Any suggestions?

    - Hudson, Boston, MA

  • Vintage Thermos lunchbox, $11 on Etsy

    Bringing your lunch is a smart idea. It not only saves you a little money, it saves you from worrying about where to go, wondering what's really in your food and stressing about standing in line behind some annoying jerk barking into his cell. But brown-baggin' it does not necessitate an actual bag. You could schlep your sandwich in an old school metal dome lunchbox (complete with a Thermos in the lid). Or if you're looking for something simple and easy to tuck into the day bag you're already bringing to work, you could go with a waxed canvas lunch bag from Artifact or an insulated case from L.L. Bean guaranteed to keep foods cold or hot. We're big fans of the stackable bento-style boxes by the Swiss brand Sigg.


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Waxed canvas lunch tote

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Artifact bags

Insulated lunch box

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L.L. Bean

Aluminum box

$35 by Sigg







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