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Passion Pit

Boston's Passion Pit, a synth-embracing pop quintet, is poised to be summer's break out band. You may've heard about their debut EP, which was written by lead singer Micahel Angelakos as a Valentine's gift to his girlfriend. We caught up with drummer Nate Donmoyer on the eve of the band's full-length followup, Manners—an infectious kaleidoscope of electro-sound effects including a cameo by a children's choir.


Do you prefer studio or stage?

Studio, for sure. So much less sweat and pressure. But there's nothing like being on stage in front of a crowd that actually came to see you on stage.


You've sampled Mary O'Hara. Any interesting ones this time around?

There are two samples on the record, but they're buried and not as important as O'Hara's, so I doubt anyone will ever really notice them.


Recent style discoveries?

I'm loving XL t-shirts, especially American Apparel's 50/50 blends. Tight shirts are out guys—no one wants to see your nipples.


What's next?

We're touring! I love seeing all the places I never would've been taken to otherwise. The fact that we get to see them from the stages of great festivals like Lollapalooza is just incredible.


Get it: Manners, available tomorrow on iTunes.


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