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You might remember Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson as the sibling trio from Tulsa that Mmmbop'd there way into Jonas-level fame before they were 18. Today, married with children (and their own successful indie record label), they're releasing their fifth album, set to be one of the summer's best surprises. We caught up with Taylor to talk shop.


And your Blues Brothers homage music video has gone viral ...

That movie was one that we watched over and over as kids. It was our kind of humor, it's colorful and not self-conscious. That was the perfect introduction to the record, plus the idea of recreating the Ray Charles scene hit every music-geek button for us. I didn't know how many people would get it, so we've been blow away.


You're the clotheshorse of the group. Where do you shop?

Right now it's Steven Alan shirts. We've gotten to know him personally and he's a great guy. His clothes are timeless, laid back and all-American. You can't go wrong with that.


How would you describe the album?

We've never strayed too far from the stuff that first got us making music—that 1950s/60s mix of soul and blues. But Shout It Out is the most cohesive because most of the songs were recorded together on this old pecan farm we found in El Paso, Texas. Away from cell phones and distractions, we kicked back and recorded. Which made for a great summer record ($10 at iTunes).


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