Year in Review

The Most Clicked-On Fitness Moves
You Can Use in the New Year

Raise your hand if you feel like you overindulged over the holidays ... [*entire Valet. staff raises their hands]. If you're ready to get back into the gym and start shedding the extra fluff you packed on since Thanksgiving, we're here to help. We've pulled together the most popular exercises we featured over the past twelve months. Give these a read and you'll be back in fighting shape in no time.


Three Essential
Back Exercises

"My frame was not what you'd describe as wide or strong. It certainly wasn't the V-shape I'd like it to be. So I started researching back exercises and found that you can't think of your back as one big slab of muscle that doesn't do much."


Work Your Delts
to Look Better in Your Shirts

They're small and often overlooked, but they're impactful. Just look at some of Hollywood's leading men—they don't have to be stacked, but almost all of them have decently developed delts.


Lose Your Love Handles

There are a lot of factors that lead to those muffin tops, from diet and exercise to sleep and your mental state. So here are six suggestions to shed that unwanted pudge—listed in order from the easiest to the most challenging.


The First Things You Should Do Each Morning? Stretch.

Not only will a few quick stretches wake up your body and relieve stiffness, the tension-free muscles can lead to reduced mental stress. Which comes in handy whether you're headed to the gym or stuck in rush-hour traffic on the way to the office.


One Move to Lose Weight and Get in Shape

There's a reason why so many trainers swear by one of the oldest pieces of fitness equipment around—the jump rope. It's not out of nostalgia. It's because that simple rope delivers an outstanding cardio workout that you can do anywhere.


Get Your Ass in Shape

Your glutes—otherwise known as your butt muscles—often overlooked. Which leaves you with the sad, pancake-flat posterior of a middle-aged man. Look, booty training shouldn't just be for the ladies.


Strap In for
a Better Workout

Don't let the minimalist design fool you: Suspension trainers like TRX offer distinct advantages over barbells and dumbbells. Truth is, you don't have to use stacks of weights to build muscle.


The Exercise You Need to Live Longer Is Easier Than You Think

In one of the largest global studies ever published on the heart health benefits of physical activity, researchers found that people who spent just two and a half hours per week exercising were far less likely to die prematurely.


Cures for Sore Muscles That Really Work

"We've all been there, right? Crushed a tough workout only to be rewarded with stiff, aching muscles afterwards." Fortunately, there are some simple and inexpensive solutions you can try the next time you get a little too ambitious at the gym.


The Simplest Ways to Cut Unnecessary Sugar From Your Diet

We hear it all the time. Sugar is the enemy. We're all addicted to the sticky sweet monster and it's ruining our lives by making us sick. But make these easy changes to the way you eat and you'll make a significant cut in the added sugars you consume.