Year in Review

The Grooming Moves
to Take Into 2018

2017 was a hectic, stressful and some would say ugly year. But it was a good year for grooming, according to Valet. readers. Some of our most popular stories this year were grooming articles where we focused on the morning routines of smart, stylish men and introduced you to clever hacks and the best new grooming products. Here are the ten most popular—keep these in mind and you'll go into 2018 looking your best.


The Secret to Healthy Skin? It's in Your Refrigerator.

Good looking skin is healthy skin. No cream, serum or lotion—no matter how high-end and effective—won't matter all that much if the stuff you put inside your body is crap.


The Bizarre Hack to Rid Yourself of Acne

All zits suck. And while the little pimples that pop up can be annoying, it's the deep lingering monster zits that really bring you down, right? We tried this popular internet remedy and damn ... it actually worked!


My Morning Routine: Brendan Fallis

How does one of the most sought-after DJs in the world make it all look so damn easy? Well, a positive, healthy lifestyle is a start. Plus a few well-chosen grooming products.


Under the Radar Products to Fix Your Grooming Worries

There is such variety when it comes to men's products, that there are great ones out there flying under the radar. You could be looking great, but you don't even know they exist.


Hit Refresh on Your Morning Shower

Whether your hair is thinning, flaking or damaged, greasy or dry, lathering up with the right shampoo can result in way better hair days.


5 Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Teeth

You probably know that you need to brush daily for at least two minutes. But there are common mistakes you're likely making that can have pretty serious consequences to your overall oral hygiene.


The Perfect Product to Style Your Hair

Maybe you're still using the same product you used when you were younger. But your hair changes and so does the style—if only slightly—over the years. And there are advances in chemistry you don't want to miss out on.


My Morning Routine: Jacob Soboroff

He's the coolest newsman on TV today. He never knows where he'll wake up, but here's how he starts his day. Take his advice on investing in quality sleep (and quality coffee).


Thin or Thinning Hair? Try These.

No matter your age or ethnicity, there's plenty you can do to strengthen and style you hair for a fuller look or even repopulate your scalp with new hair.


The Best Body Lotions for Men

Here's what we learned while testing over a dozen different body moisturizers: having hydrated skin can come with some surprising secret side effects.