Year in Review

The Most Popular Interior Trends
That Will Stick Around in 2018

Over the last year, we've turned up the interior design coverage on Valet. And that's because you've all responded to it so well. It's one of our most popular sections and the articles often get shared the most on social media. This tells us that your home says a lot about a man and that you'd like to see more of this type of coverage in the new year. Speaking of which, here are the popular interior trends that will definitely stick around into 2018.


Smart looking sofas that look expensive (but are really affordable)

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"The Coolest Couches Under $900"

While choosing a couch is easier if you've got three grand to drop, you don't have to spend too much to find one that's attractive and well-built. We pulled together six options that will suit a range of decor styles.


Bold and graphic
art pieces

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"You're Looking for ... Affordable Wall Art"

There's never been a better time to find great looking art of all sorts for attainable prices. Whether you're looking for soothing photography, bolder graphic pieces or even items that aren't exactly "art" but still look cool up on your wall, we've got you covered.


Modern modular shelving

As Featured in
"A Man's Home: Get Modular"

Now, more than ever, there are adaptable modular systems that allow you to customize and craft the perfect bookcase. They also make it possible for you to rearrange and reuse it in another space should you move. The end result is a sleek, bespoke look.


Don't Shy Away
from Prints

As Featured in
"Masculine Living Rooms With Serious Style"

Men especially tend to stick with neutrals and solids when it comes to outfitting a room. But incorporating patterns and colors into specific areas of your home—throw pillows, upholstery or draperies—can make just the right amount of impact.


Midcentury furniture and accessories

As Featured in
"10 Midcentury Pieces to Elevate Any Space"

With its masculine charm, the decor has a design signature of clean lines and geometric shapes mixed with rich colors and earthy textures. They are the kind of pieces that look at home in a single guy's bachelor pad.


Tonal and textural
bed linens

As Featured in
"3 Ways to Style Your Bed"

Take the time to consider how you want to style your bed. Would you like to sink into softly rumpled linen sheets in calming shades of grey? Stick with the same neutral color and pick different shades and textures that complement one another.


Architectural and interesting accent chairs

As Featured in
"The Best Seat in the House"

The right accent chair can make all the difference. Comfortable and relaxed but able to make a bold design statement, they're not unlike wearing a cool pair of sneakers with an otherwise simple outfit.


Dark bedroom walls

As Featured in
"One Simple Change to Sex Up Your Bedroom"

Though it might seem counterintuitive, dark walls, when done right, can actually make a small room appear larger. That's because they visually recede—instead of reflecting more light, they reflect less, blurring the edges of the room.


Elevated plant stands

As Featured in
"Freshen Up Your Place (and Your Air)"

Elevate your houseplant in more ways than one with these handsome planters. We picked a few of our favorites, along with some easy-to-care-for plant options for your home.


Showcase your collections

As Featured in
"Andy Cohen Builds the Ultimate Bachelor Pad"

In his home office, a near-replica of his tchotchke-stuffed talk show set, Andy Cohen showcases his collection of vintage action figures, bobbleheads and Warhol mementos. With the shelves decked out like this, you get a clear idea of the man behind the desk.