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Warmer Scents

Warmer weather is right around the corner, and conventionally, the thaw of spring brings about lighter, more floral colognes filling store shelves. While brighter fragrances make sense for brighter days, I myself prefer to keep wearing a heartier cologne well into the warmer months. For the fellas that prefer something a little more full-bodied for their springtime scent, there's actually quite a selection. The real key to success is finding something that has a strong, slightly sporty base note, but is balanced by the lighter notes of a traditional spring juice. Who says that warmer weather has to box you into watery colognes? Give these warmer scents a try, and you'll be surprised at how your cold-season scent becomes a year-round contender.



Luna Rossa Extreme

Much like its bottle, this continental fragrance is bold and dark. It has a rich and peppery spice quality with a sweet vanilla finish thanks to subtle notes of lavender and juniper berries.

$66, at Nordstrom


John Varvatos

Artisan Black

Wrapped in an rattan bottle, this embodies a citrus quality that's bordered by woody, leathery notes. This fragrance plays out with a slow burn, getting better as the day goes on.

$82, at John Varvatos


Comme des Garçons

Blue Encens

A combination of incense, costal woods and spices, this is a mixture of warm smoky qualities and a cooling citrus start. The crisp scent tends to heat up as it lingers.

$121, at Dover Street Market



09 Posala

Starting off with pear flower and orchid, this finishes with a blend of tobacco and bourbon. Expect this one to be as resilient as it is delicate (and therefore perfect for the transitional season).

$165, at Odin

How to: Apply Cologne

Contrary to what your girlfriend or the person at the department store will tell you, don't spray a cloud of cologne in front of you and step into it. There's a better way to distribute the scent.


Le Labo

Santal 33

A combination of warm woods like cedar and sandalwood intersect with sweeter violet and iris. It smells like a field of wildflowers, only grounded with rich leather, so it doesn't feel too feminine.

$240, at Barneys