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The Old College Cut

Celebrity ladykillers are bringing back the pompadour and there's at least one dude in every office sporting a slick Mad Men style, but the comeback we're endorsing is the "college cut." Also known as the Ivy League, it's an egalitarian style that was popular back in the '50s and '60s. Clipped close on the sides and trimmed with some texture on top, it's perfect for this time of year. Tidy without looking fussy—the hair can be parted or simply pushed forward—it's a cut that looks good on just about everyone because it conforms to the shape of the head. Not to mention, it makes for a quick morning routine and cool head throughout the day.

Photos from Take Ivy, which will be rereleased by powerHouse Books in August and is available for pre-order now. $17, at Amazon.

How to: Explain It

Ask your barber to taper the sides with clippers. The top should be no longer than three fingers at the bangs and gradually get shorter towards the crown.


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