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Stop Loss

Think There's Nothing You Can Do About Hair Loss? Think Again.


The average man in his mid twenties
has more than one hundred thousand hairs
atop his head—and he loses 75 to 150 of
them during the course of a day. As you age,
the number of hairs peppering your pillow, shower and
sink increases. But the real inconvenient truth is that male pattern baldness can affect a gent as early as in his teens. In fact, experts estimate that nearly 80 percent of all men will experience noticeable hair loss in their lifetime. Many of the warning signs are often ignored until you're about 40 and the receding hairline becomes clear.


The advent of drugs and surgery to
reverse or delay the progression of thinning
hair raises some other concerns. Which is why
when faced with his own hair loss, Alex Khadavi,
a board-certified dermatologist, developed Revivogen.
The all-natural solution blocks the DHT hormone which causes
hair loss and stimulates healthy hair growth for thicker, fuller hair from the follicle out. What's more, the drug-free formula doesn't have any of the nasty side-effects like other treatments such as Rogaine or Propecia. Here, Dr. Khadavi answers some questions about hair loss.


Dr. Khadavi On Hair Loss


QuestionHow do I know if I'm losing my hair?

AnswerGenerally, you'll know you're losing hair not by the number of hairs you find daily but by the decreased density of hair on your scalp. Usually, the hair strand or follicle becomes thinner and finer over time leading to decreased density of hair on the scalp.

What can I do to make my fine hair thicker?
If the hair is thinning, you're most likely suffering from male or female pattern hair loss. This can be reversed by using Revivogen Scalp Therapy to convert the fine thin hairs into thicker, permanant hairs.

Dr. Khadavi

I've seen some wicked tools out there—from scalp needlers and vibrating brushes to pore-opening shampoos—does that really help?
Hair loss is not caused by poor blood flow or poor nutrition or lack of vitamins. None of those treatments have been proven to reverse male pattern hair loss. Your best bet is to catch it early and use a beneficial treatment that will not only stop the hair from falling out but promote growth as well.
How does Revivogen work? And how does it compare to other treatments?
One of the comforting benefits, is that it's all natural and doesn't come with the serious side-effects of other treatments. Revivogen blocks DHT, the hormone that causes hair to fall from the follicle. By turning off the cause, new hair can grow. Rogaine, for example stimulates new growth, but doesn't block DHT. Propecia reduces DHT, but it's associated with side effects like loss of your libido. Revivogen has everything in one toolbox, acting as a shield and a stimulant.
Can I pair up treatments?
There are many patients that use Revivogen Scalp Therapy along with Propecia or Rogaine. Although it is not necessary, there would not be any negative interaction from combining treatments.



Nearly ten percent of American men would give up sex if it meant they could have a full head of hair.

- Rogaine study, June 2008

The Kit


A three month supply of Scalp Therapy, Bio-Cleansing Shampoo and Thickening Conditioner, $119 at Revivogen


How to Use


To make application easier and more precise, start by combing hair back and parting it in the middle.


With the dropper, drag across the affected area, dispensing evenly. Continue until affected area is covered.


Massage into scalp and then go to bed. Wash out in the morning.


What to Say to Your Barber


If you have thin or thinning hair, you want to make your 'do appears as full and as thick as possible. Ask for shorter styles that are "choppy" or "razored" meaning the hairs are cut at all different lengths leaving you with a textured style. See: Jude Law, Daniel Craig or Ryan Reynolds.