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Whether you're looking to soothe irritated skin, bulk up thin hair, get rid of dark circles and bags or simply wake up faster, the latest batch of grooming innovations promise to make you better looking by the end of your morning routine.

Energizing Face Wash

Not a morning person? This face wash wakes you up with a potent herbal mix of ginseng and mint. Under that tingly feeling, eucalyptus keeps bacteria and grime at bay while aloe soothes irritation.

$17, by Chief's


This Greek skincare powerhouse (popular throughout Europe and Asia) is known for both their natural ingredients and effective results. Their soothing new men's line is ideal for guys with sensitive skin.

From $19, at The Motley

Ocean Kelp Shave Cream

From the Art of Shaving's new marine collection, this rich shaving cream's moisturizing kelp extract and coconut oil create a luxurious lather that makes for smooth sailing.

$22, available in November at The Art of Shaving

Body Building Shampoo

This shampoo/conditioner works to bulk up fine or thinning hair by increasing the diameter of the hair shaft. Apple stem cells repair damage while a plant extract (swertia chirata) discourages further hair loss.

$30, by Anthony Logistics

Midnight Recovery Eye

You're probably more worried about dark circles and bags than fighting fine lines. Right? No matter. Swipe this all natural cream under your eyes before bed and it tackles all three while you sleep.

$36, by Kiehl's









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