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The Launch

Port Products

Over the past few years, The Motley has made a name for itself as an online apothecary that's more than skin-deep. Stocked with hundreds of products that have all been personally road-tested by the brother and sister co-founders, Matthew and Madison Ruggieri, the site also offers sound grooming advice along with the option for customers to text, live chat or email the team with a question or concern. In fact, that's what served as the impetus to create their own line—Port Products, launching today. We caught up with Matthew and Madison, along with the site's third partner, Glee's Darren Criss, the handsome song-and-dance man who's just as passionate about product development, to learn more.


Was this always a goal? To create your own line?

Madison: After testing and trying out so many products, we definitely had some opinions on what we liked, what we didn't and what we felt was missing. And we also hear from so many customers that are really passionate, down to the ingredients, about what works for them and what doesn't. And it brought up a good point—if we're not 100% in love with this one or that one, why not make it? And make it as natural and as effective as possible.


Tell us a little about what sets it apart from the pack?

Matt: Well, the line was established with the purpose of helping your skin achieve a state of balance. Focusing on what we've learned about the effects that climate, environment and stress have on our skin, we wanted the products to be soothing and anti-inflammatory. It's a mix of technology and naturally-derived ingredients. The moisturizer, for example, is designed to fight excess oil production and shine, but is also enriched with antioxidants like ginger root, that fights blemishes and helps improve overall skin tone.

    The Port Products team is currently finishing the research and development on a post-shave tonic and a conditioning beard oil.

Do you have a favorite item in the lineup?

Darren: I think we're all pretty excited about the shave cream. We've been testing it and improving on the formula for almost a year now. I'm always shaving for work, which isn't the greatest thing for your face—taking a sharp blade to your skin everyday. But the coconut oil in this makes for a slick, smooth shave. Even the bottle's pump makes it less messy and easy to use.

And Darren, what's one thing the average guy might be missing from his grooming routine?

Most guys probably miss out on a good scrub. Probably because they don't know the benefits. It's really invigorating for your skin and clears away all the gunk. It goes beyond just a cleanser. If you're just using a face wash, you're leaving some stuff behind. It's like the difference between sweeping and vacuuming.









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