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The Layman's Skin Care Primer

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Looking good means more than simply dressing well. Proper skin care will not only leave you looking good, but feeling better too. Having a few extra products in your bathroom (or realizing the importance of moisturizer) doesn't make you Patrick Bateman. It makes you a guy who cares about his appearance and health. Of course, you've got to know which products to use, and for that, you need to know your skin type. An easy way to get a diagnosis? First thing in the morning, take a facial tissue or a piece of paper, and press it against your face.


You likely know if you've got oily skin, but you should see spots on the tissue, corresponding with commonly greasy areas—cheeks, chin, nose and forehead. You'll want to wash your face with a soap, which can absorb the excess oil and use products like a mattifying moisturizer that will combat shine throughout the day. An astringent will tighten pores and clear away the dead skin that can trap oil.


Dry skin often feels tight, and you may see some flakes of skin on the tissue, but you probably won't see much, if any, oil. Stay clear from soaps or products containing alcohol—both of which will dry out skin even more. Look for products that are gentle on skin but boost moisture. And it may seem indulgent, but applying a night cream or serum will keep skin hydrated the following day.


Combination skin falls somewhere between the two above and is a common type for most men. The tissue will likely pick up traces of oil from the forehead and nose, but will be otherwise clean, except for perhaps a few flakes from dry spots. Use a toner (which is less harsh and drying than an astringent) to keep oil at bay and balance skin, then follow up with an oil-free moisturizer.



Oil-Free Lotion


Like oily skin, you probably have a good idea that your skin is sensitive. It will often feel tight and can become irritated and inflamed easily. Perhaps even the tissue test bothered you. Sensitive skin also tends to be on the drier side. Look for natural, fragrance-free products with as few ingredients as possible. Once a week, you could apply a gentle mask to hydrate the skin.



Urth Face Balm,



It can take a couple of weeks for your face to adjust to a new skin care routine. Be patient.






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