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The Masked Man

As we move into the season of cooler days and erratic weather, it's probably a good time to take stock of your skin. And if you've never experienced the restorative properties of a discreetly applied face mask, perhaps it's time you add a few minutes to your routine once or twice a month. Mike Gilman, founder of The Grooming Lounge, has tried dozens—for professional reasons, of course—and says they do offer benefits you can't get otherwise. "A moisture-packed mask like Kyoku's, for example, makes my face feel much less dry and scratchy," says Gilman. "Most guys think they work best when they can apply them behind locked doors but regardless, the results are still great."

For Acne and Blackheads

A Valet. favorite, this black mask dries to a rubbery finish and peels off in one piece. Impurities and blackhead-causing grime are literally pulled from the skin, which is left smoother and brighter.


Boscia, $34

For Fine Lines

Formulated with aromatic oils of peppermint and eucalyptus, this cooling mask is chock full of wrinkle-fighting antioxidants. And while alpha and beta hydroxy acids exfoliate (promoting cell turnover), green tea and chamomile soothe skin.


Cellex-C, $46

For Oily Skin

A mineral clay mask that absorbs excess oil and cleanses skin while hydrating and nourishing skin with natural avocado oil and aloe vera gel. Skin is left matte but not dried out.


Baxter of California, $15

For Rough, Dry Skin

This highly effective exfoliating mud mask smooths skin with volcanic sand and ash while dry patches are softened thanks to 73 different hydrating sea minerals (along with some Japanese sake that helps minimize pores).


Kyoku for Men, $22









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