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Quick Fixes

If you've been enjoying your summer the way you should be, your skin and hair can sometimes come out a little worse for wear. After all, this is a season that's all about having too much of a good thing. Like sun ... or alcohol. Combine that with the excess heat and humidity and you might need some help getting back on track. Thankfully, there is a slew of essential products that are up for the task.


Anti-Shine moisturizer, $37 by Recipe for Men

A tad pricey, sure. But this lightweight caffeine-infused gel moisturizer proves its worth. It calms parched summer skin and absorbs the oil that can accumulate on a hot day and reduces shine. Leaving you looking cool.

Body Breakouts

Acne treatment spray, $6 by Glytone

The skin on your face is different from that on the rest of your body. So you have to treat those breakouts differently. This fragrance free, non-sticky salicylic acid spritz clears up pesky zits on your back and chest.


Balancing shampoo, $9 by Tommy Guns

This balancing shampoo from New York-based barber Tommy Guns is naturally formulated to restore hair that's been dried out and damaged from environmental conditions like too much sun and surf.


Mentha lip balm,
$7.50 by
C.O. Bigelow

Soothe chapped and sunburned lips with this cooling shea butter balm. As an addd bonus, the SPF 15 prevents further damage, the peppermint extract freshens breath and the finish is matte, not shiny or sticky.









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