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    Clean your brush regularly with antibacterial soap and replace the brush head every four months.
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Super Sonic

The Promise

The Clarisonic Mia ($117, at Amazon) is a vibrating brush that cleans and exfoliates skin while reducing oil and blemishes. We'd heard it described as an electric toothbrush for your face, which really wasn't selling us on the thing. But after countless reader questions about its effectiveness, we got one and put it to the test.

The Trial

The gadget is completely waterproof, making it easy to use in the shower. The pulsating brush is like a minute-long morning massage for your face. Squirt a dab of cleanser on the brush and work it in circles around your forehead, nose, chin and cheeks until it automatically shuts off. Unlike a gritty facial scrub, the brush—which oscillates 300 times a second—is so soft, it doesn't feel like it's really doing much.

The Results

We promise, you'll notice the difference immediately. Your skin's never felt so smooth. After two week's of regular use (once a day, in the morning), skin is clearer and seems to be less oily throughout the day. It also helps prep your scruff by stimulating the hairs in a warm shower, resulting in a smoother shave. Is it pricey? Yes. But it routinely delivers the benefits of a facial—without having to step foot into a spa.









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