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Every year, it seems you hear something different about sunscreen. It's a lifesaver, but then the chemicals are toxic. They're all the same or there's some new magic bullet. We've cut through the chatter to offer some solid advice along with four tried-and-true favorites. Some things to keep in mind: don't go overboard with an SPF higher than 50. It's like the gas mileage sticker on a car. The rating is based on test conditions that you'll likely never achieve in the real world. Look for "broad spectrum" lotions: They block both UVA rays—the type that cause wrinkles and skin cancer—as well as UVB, which cause sunburns (and can also cause cancer). And avoid those spray-on sunscreens. Yes, they keep your hands lotion-free, but dermatologists say they scatter too wide and most of it evaporates before absorbing into the skin.

Oil-Free Sun Guard

This citrus-scented, vitamin-enriched lotion boasts an SPF 45. It's oil-free and also has naturally soothing calendula to repair red, inflamed skin.

$21, by Jack Black

Active Sunscreen

An avobenzone-based SPF 34 packed with vitamins C and E (which boost skin's UV protection), alpha lipoic acid and yerba mate to condition skin.

$10, by Beyond Coastal

Sport Sunscreen Stick

Often, lotions end up in the eyes of active guys. A solid stick like this long-wearing one by Coppertone keeps the SPF 55 where it's supposed to be.

$5, by Coppertone

Anthelios Ultra Light

This fast-absorbing French SPF 45 is a light liquid that dries into a matte finish. Oil- and fragrance-free, it's ideal for those with oily or sensitive skin.

$23, by La Roche-Posay

How to Apply
Use enough.

The right amount to cover your body is a golfball-size dollop.

Watch your blind spots.

The back of the knees, lips and behind the ears are often neglected.

Reapply after two hours.

It's technically impossible for a sunscreen to be waterproof or sweatproof.

    In the last three decades, skin cancer rates have risen fourfold among young men aged 18 to 39.

(Source: Mayo Clinic)









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