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The Skin Rescuer

The Promise

This facial lotion from Kiehl's not only promises to, you know, hydrate your skin, but also alleviate your stress. (Who needs meditation when you have lotion?) Well, really it says it will "reduce the visible signs of stress on skin" like dryness, blotchiness and redness. After a summer's worth of sun and other outdoor fun, it sounds like just what I need.

by Kiehl's

The Trial

I've been applying this lightweight moisturizer for a few weeks—sometimes at night before bed and sometimes in the morning after shaving. It smoothes on and absorbs easily, plus it's basically fragrance free but a little goes a long way. Which is nice, because the bottle will last you a good couple of months. But use too much and your face will likely be shiny.

The Results

This product is meant to deal with the skin issues caused by stress—things like inflammation, breakouts and dryness. And while it has the usual calming ingredients like chamomile, we suspect the real work is being done by something called "rose gallica extract," which limits the release of stress signals to the skin. Sounds hokey, but it left me with healthier feeling skin and a clearer complexion, which hides the fact that I don't get near enough sleep.

    Kiehl's developed the formula for the Skin Rescuer with Columbia University scientists who study the effects of stress on the body.








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