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The Great Outdoors


Hall Newbegin is a true outdoorsman. An avid hiker, camper and general lover of all things nature, he's not the type that will sit behind a desk too long. Fifteen years ago, he founded Juniper Ridge, the natural apothecary brand that's become a cult favorite with guys who appreciate goods made with integrity and provenance. An expert in obtaining natural fragrances, Newbegin says he has no formal training in perfumery other than crawling around on his hands and knees in the rain looking for wild mushrooms, collecting wild berries for jam and digging up Aralia roots for winter cold medicine. It's that kind of know-how that allows him and his team to go out into remote regions of the Pacific coast and extract fragrances from nature using old world perfume techniques and equipment like juice presses, converted whiskey stills, steam and copper pipes. Which is why the resulting products smell intoxicatingly real, not canned or predictable. The perfectly potent and woodsy aromas give you the fresh, invigorating feeling of being outside—which can be a welcome feeling come Monday morning's shower. What's more, all those real ingredients? They're sourced responsibly in the wilderness. Nothing is farmed, but rather everything is found in the wild, and 10% of profits go towards western wilderness conservation efforts to ensure there'll be plenty of Newbegin's beloved nature to enjoy for decades to come.

    Juniper Ridge stands behind their products and guarantees them for life. You can return anything at any time for any reason.








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