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Shiny Skin

Warmer weather, sunshine and lots of outdoor time can often result in skin that's oily and shiny. And nobody wants that. It looks sloppy, the oil gets all over your phone and can lead to breakouts. According to aesthetician Hillery Sklar, the summer heat actually causes the gunk in your pores to liquefy, leading to a greasier appearance. The common mistake people with oily skin make is skipping the moisturizer. But the right one will help keep oil production in check. Thankfully, there are products that are formulated for men that are engineered to maintain a matte mug and calm overactive sebaceous glands.


This ultra-light cooling gel is formulated with Aerolite, a porous ingredient used by NASA which absorbs more than four times its weight in oil. Kiehl's uses it to disperse grease, gunk and sweat away from your skin.

$27 by Kiehl's


If you want a one-step, all encompassing moisturizer, this is it. The hydrating SPF 20 lotion smoothes on easily, absorbing oil to keep your face free of shine. Plus, it's not thick or sticky, which is rare for any sunscreen.

$48 by Miracle Skin Transformer


This citrus-scented cream instantly sops up oil on contact. It absorbs quickly and leaves your face with a naturally matte finish for most of the day. But it's not overly hydrating, so you may need to reapply.

$23 by Anthony Logistics


Clinically proven to reduce shine and control oil production for up to 8 hours, this silky lotion effectively reduces breakouts thanks to natural willow bark extract and argan extract. Plus, it's got an SPF 15 too.

$32 by Murad

    For problem areas or for quick de-shining before a meeting or dinner, stock your desk drawer or bag with some blotting sheets, which physically soak up oil from the skin. $10 by Boscia








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