Do You Need
an Eye Cream?

As men, we don't have to worry about every little wrinkle that comes our way. "Guys come in and complain not about looking old, but looking tired," says Manhattan dermatologist Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank. And nothing makes you look as unhealthy or rundown as dark, puffy or saggy eyes. Obviously, a healthy lifestyle (along with sunscreen and some dark sunglasses) goes a long way in preventing damage to your skin. But consistent use of a proper eye cream will certainly help you look your best. We tested a ton of tubes to bring you the best ones to keep crow's feet at bay and hangovers conveniently hidden.


Best for

After a
Long Night

We first saw these on a male model at an early photo shoot. Packed with marine collagen and moisturizing algae extracts, you wear the patches for 20 minutes and then look smooth and refreshed—no matter how little sleep you've had.

Recipe for Men under eye patches, $36


Best for


This cooling, lightweight gel has a matte finish, so it's ideal for all-day use. Use it in the morning and in the evening before heading out. Anti-inflammatory agents like licorice extract tighten bags and reduce under eye puffiness. For even more soothing relief, store it in the fridge. The chill will help bring down swelling.

Evolution Man Revitalize eye gel, $30


Best for

Crow's Feet

This one's expensive but it does deliver on its promise to reduce the appearance of crow's feet in as little as five minutes. A clinically proven complex of peptides and proteins tighten and firm up the skin around the eye.

Kinerase Extreme Lift Eye, $53


Best for


Retinol is a powerful form of vitamin A that's been shown to boost collagen production, even out discoloration and smooth fine lines. But it degrades in light, so you should only use a retinol at night. Dot this on before bed and you're good to go.

RoC Retinol Correxion Eye Cream, $18



Because the skin around the eye is delicate, tap (don't rub) the product into the eye area using your ring finger, covering from just below the tear duct to the outer edge of your eyebrow.