Learn from the Ladies

Let's be honest: most men, at one time or another, have tried some women's grooming products. Perhaps you were curious and crossed over to the other side of the medicine cabinet. Maybe she promised that the answer to a specific problem was insider her small, scented jar. In any case, while we wouldn't advocate swiping on some Secret anytime soon, there are definitely smart products for women that men could benefit from using.


The Acne Fix

Guys don't have to fret over a little zit, but that doesn't mean an eruption on your face is wanted. Get rid of big, red pimples fast by applying one of these clear stickers before bed. By morning, it's all but gone.

Spot stickers, $33
by Sarah Chapman


If you're not really the type to wash your face every night, consider swiping your mug with a cotton ball doused in toner. The alcohol-free potion cleans and conditions your face without leaving it with a tight, stinging sensation.

Alcohol-free toner, $5.99
by Glossier

Pore Strips

If you've never applied one of these bad boys, you're missing out. Not only does it leave you with smaller, cleaner pores but the gunk you get to see stuck to the strip when you pull it off is oddly satisfying.

Deep-cleansing strips, $7.49
by Biore




There are a lot of men's moisturizers out there, but this stuff is pretty much magic. There's no scent, it goes on incredibly easy and it turns even the roughest, bearded cheeks into silk. It's particularly good at calming post-shave inflammation.

Priming moisturizer, $25
by Glossier

The Skin-Saving Soap

Pretty much all of Kiehl's products are unisex, but this lightweight citrusy cleanser is a favorite of the females. And for good reason. A little goes a long way and it hydrates and softens skin without feeling greasy.

Bath and shower gel, $20
by Kiehl's

Face Mask

Treat yourself one night to the restorative properties of a good mask. This Patrick Bateman-style mask peels off in one piece—no muss, no fuss. And the results? Clear, hydrated skin that's free from irritation and redness.

Calming mask, $34
by Boscia


Due to testosterone production, a man's skin is about 25% thicker than a woman's.