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The Tool

This nylon spatula is tailor made for reaching under tricky-to-turn foods. $8, at Williams-Sonoma.

The Technique

As the bubbles burst, look for a slightly dry finish on top. Using a wide spatula (see above), flip the pancake slowly. And don't worry, the first one's never the best.

The Topping

The Brown family has been crafting mellow, sweet maple syrup on their Vermont farm for three generations. $10, at Brown Family Farm.

in a Pan?

We've got nothing against pancakes. But even mixing up a batch of Bisquick is a messy endeavor on a Sunday morning. And that's provided we've got the milk, eggs and whatnot. Enter the Batter Blaster, a Reddi-Whip like can of pancake batter that promises to deliver a plateful of pancakes with just a few pressurized puffs. We were skeptical so we looked at the ingredients: unbleached wheat flour, sea salt, organic whole eggs and cane sugar. Sounds a lot better than Bisquick. And the best part? The finished pancakes are light and fluffy, with just a touch of sweetness. And since it's certified-organic, it's practically health food right? About $5, at your local gourmet grocery store.


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